Trans Europe Experts (TEE)

Jochen BAUERREIS has been a member and expert of “Trans Europe Experts” since 2010.

Founded in 2009 by five French university law faculty lecturers, the association is a network of professionals working in the law, politics, economics or indeed representatives of societies and associations seeking to participate in the drafting of European law. 
TEE seeks to promote the active participation of French experts in discussions at a European level and to enable the sharing of information and identification of those interested and involved in European law discussions.

Thus the TEE brings together experts organised according to their areas of competency, uniting both academics and professionals. The association also participates in educating legal, corporate, economic and political circles regarding European issues.

Lastly, the TEE offers to bring together French and European participants who are active in Europe with the goal of establishing an influential network, increasing the presence of legal experts on the European scene, and enabling specialists from twenty or so fields of expertise to work together, whether academics, professionals or representatives from politics, economics, societies or associations.

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