Jochen BAUERREIS is specialised in the negotiation and drafting of international commercial contracts such as international sale of goods contracts, supply contracts, research and development contracts, enterprise contracts, subcontracts or distribution contracts (licences, franchises, commercial agency). Jochen BAUERREIS also assists his clients in the choice and appropriate drafting of key contract clauses (such as earn out, force majeure, hold harmless, hardship, limitation of liability, exemption, non-competition, penalty and retention of title clauses) as well as standard 2010 Incoterms.

Jochen BAUERREIS offers international groups of companies legal optimisation and uniformity of their general terms of business with a structural distinction between general conditions of sale and purchase governed by international law (The Convention of Vienna on the International Sale of Goods) as well as general terms of business for each national subsidiary within the group subject to the imperative rules of national legislation.

Jochen BAUERREIS possesses a wide experience in drafting optimisation for procedural clauses such as jurisdiction and applicable law clauses.

The drafting of international contracts can be carried out, at the client’s request, in multilingual form in the following languages: French, German, English and Spanish.

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