European Court of arbitration

From 2012 to 2017, Jochen BAUERREIS was the General Secretary of the National Registry of the European Court of Arbitration and a member of its board of directors. He was the General Secretary of the international registry of the European Court of Arbitration from 2013 to 2017.

The European Court of Arbitration forms part of the Centre for European Arbitration and Mediation which has its seat in Strasbourg.  Created in 1992, it organizes and administers domestic and international arbitration proceedings between private entities, in particular businesses. The Court has national executives in twenty or so countries in Europe, in the Mediterranean and in the Middle East.

The Court may be seised on the basis of an arbitration agreement (a contractual or post contractual arbitration clause).  As regards domestic arbitration, arbitration requests are sent to the national executives’ registrar which has jurisdiction according to the specific national procedure in question.  However, in international arbitration, requests are sent to one of the Court’s two international registrars (either in Strasbourg or in Milan).
In respect of each dispute, the Court will organize the constitution of an arbitral panel and oversee the proper conduct of proceedings.

  • There are multiple advantages of the arbitral mechanism of the Court:
  • The parties can choose their arbitrators with the possibility of agreeing on a sole arbitrator,
  • A time limit of 9 months for issuing an arbitral award,
  • The moderate cost of proceedings,
  • The existence of a potential appellate arbitral division,
  • The existence of arbitral rules which provide a detailed framework for proceedings.

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