Jochen BAUERREIS, born on 19 March 1969 in Bamberg (Germany) lives with his wife and four children near Strasbourg.
Jochen BAUERREIS is registered as a lawyer in France (Avocat) and Germany (Rechtsanwalt).  He is also entitled by the Bar Council to refer to specialisations in “International law and EU law” as well as “Arbitration law”.  He is also
a university lecturer authorised to direct research (HDR) at the University of Strasbourg as well as honorary professor at the University of Freiburg and teaches international and Franco-German business law.

As part of his professional activities as a commercial lawyer and university lecturer, Jochen BAUERREIS is specialised, in particular, in the following fields:

  • International trade law: international contracts – cross border operations – international and EU litigation
  • International and European company law
  • International arbitration and ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)
  • Franco-German Business Practice
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