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Jochen BAUERREIS is specialised in legal advice for businesses seeking to acquire businesses abroad, where relevant by way of cross border joint venture. Jochen BAUERREIS assists businesses when implementing a strategic acquisition project and undertakes negotations with those working for the target.  He negotiates and drafts Letters of Intent (LOIs) and / or Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with respect to duties of confidentiality, the legal structure of the deal envisaged as well as liability where negotiations break down.

Secondly, Jochen BAUERREIS coordinates the preparation and implementation of auditing of the target company and undertakes, where relevant, the drafting of the audit report (in several languages at the client’s request) which forms the basis of future contractual negotiations as well as the drafting of the final form of transfer contracts.

Assisted by the various teams of specialists within ABCI ALISTER , Jochen BAUERREIS handles contractual negotiations with contacts from the target business and checks and/or draws up final contracts for the transfer of the business.  Negotiations and drafting may be bilingual or multilingual as required (English, French, German).

Finally, Jochen BAUERREIS provides legal assistance regarding the « closing » of deals (payment of the purchase price, calculating transfer values, assignment of shares, arranging guarantees) and is at the clients’ disposal in the event of post contractual disputes relating, in particular, to asset and liability guarantees.

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